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We Remember Them

As we move into the dark winter months, November draws us into a special time of remembrance. We began the month with the Feast of All Saints celebrating the lives of countless men and women who reflected God’s love in their daily lives. We celebrated All Soul’s Day remembering all our deceased loved ones and all the faithful departed. As we remember them with love and affection, we entrust them to God’s love in the light and peace of heaven.

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought profound loss and deep grief to families and communities throughout the world. Our own parish community has experienced this suffering and trauma. Some of you were not able to be with your loved ones through their last days in the ways you wanted to be. Many of you experienced the added burden of restricted numbers at the funerals of family and friends. Our November remembrance this year is particularly poignant in the context of our struggles and trauma during the ongoing Covid crisis. As always, we remember, and we grieve as people of faith and hope. We place our trust in the Lord who shares in our suffering. He has walked this way before us, has destroyed death forever and restored life.

Our annual Masses of Remembrance for those whose funerals took place in the parish over the last year will take place in our three Churches

Holy Spirit: Saturday 27th November 6.00p.m.

St. Joseph’s: Saturday 27th November 7.00p.m.

Virgin Mary: Tuesday 30th November 7.00p.m.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you who are grieving. May the Lord bless you with comfort, peace and strength.

May the Lord support us

All the long,

Till the shadows lengthen

And the evening comes

And the busy world is hushed

And the fever of life is over

And our work is done.

Then in his mercy

May he give us a sage lodging

A holy rest

And peace at last


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