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Your Kingdom Come

Who would have thought a sliced pan and a pint of milk could have such an impact!! A father shared a moving story during the week about his traumatic experience of his child’s cancer diagnosis. He talked about trying to stay strong but breaking down in tears when he returned from the hospital one night to find a sliced pan and a pint of milk at his doorstep. This most simple act of kindness from a neighbour carried a message of understanding, compassion, and solidarity. It reminded him that he was not alone at a time of distress.

We have witnessed and experienced many such acts of kindness during these challenging times. More often than not these acts are not dramatic or heroic but rather are ordinary everyday expressions of human goodness and solidarity.

As we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King the Gospel this weekend brings us an account of the Last Judgement. Those who are judged are surprised as they never grasped the significance of their actions or of their negligence. Jesus is clear that any act of goodness or generosity to those who are suffering is an opening of our hearts to God. Everyone matters to God. Everything we do is significant.

The Kingdom of God is about a communion of life and love with God and with each other. Everything we do to care for one another and to nourish communities of mercy and understanding contributes to building up God’s kingdom among us.

The Kingdom of God

Is Justice and Peace

And joy in the Holy Spirit

Come Lord and open in us

The gates of your Kingdom

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