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Your Grace is Enough

As we listen to the words of St. Paul this weekend, we’re not hearing a lecture on the theory of God’s grace. Paul speaks from his own profound experience of the grace of God’s love and generous mercy. It is this grace that transformed Paul’s life and awakened a desire in him to bring the good news of God’s mercy to the ends of the earth. As Paul grew deeper into the mystery of God’s love, he understood more and more that God’s grace was enough for him.

These days of Lent are joyful days. This is a season of GRACE, when we once again embrace the mercy and compassion of our God. We are invited to once again see ourselves as God sees us. When we do this, we accept ourselves as God’s work of art and renew our commitment to live the good life that Jesus has shown us.

Our God never wants us to be lost in any kind of darkness. God sent Jesus to save us, to lead us safely out of darkness into His wonderful light. As we draw nearer to Easter let us take time to let Jesus in to those places in our lives where we may experience darkness. His grace is given to us as a gift and can transform our lives. God’s grace is enough for us and awakens in us the power of God’s life and love that is everlasting.

We remember Madeline Grange who died recently and whose funeral takes place this weekend. May she rest in the light and peace of God’s eternal love. We pray for all who have died recently and for all who are grieving so deeply at this time.

Greetings and best wishes to all the Mothers in our parish as we celebrate Mother’s Day. We pray for you all with love, affection and gratitude. We remember all mothers who have died. May they rest in peace and watch over their loved ones who carry them in their hearts.


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