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Together Again

After long months of being apart our hearts are lifting with joy and hope as we prepare to gather again in our Churches to celebrate Mass. It has not been easy to live through the necessary restrictions that came with public health guidance, but we drew strength from the solidarity of prayer and hope that we experienced.

Our Churches will reopen for public worship and celebration of the sacraments on Monday 29th June. We thank God for the hope that comes with this great step forward. Archbishop Martin appreciates how significant this is for all parish communities in the Diocese. He has asked us to ensure that we follow all public health regulations in relation to indoor gatherings. This will impact the number of people that can attend at any one time.

Following social distancing guidelines, the maximum capacity in our Churches is as follows:

Holy Spirit: 60

Virgin Mary: 60

St. Joseph’s: 60

As the obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues to be lifted, it is good to remember that no one should feel obliged to come to Mass on Sunday and everyone has the option to choose a day in the week for morning Mass. The new signage in the Churches will help us space out appropriately and some parishioners will support and guide us as we are entering and leaving the Church.

It will be wonderful to gather again as a community of faith. We will continue to move forward in the solidarity of prayer and hope that has sustained us through these difficult times. With all the changes that are becoming part and parcel of daily life we remember that God’s deep love for us never changes. We hear the promise of Jesus in this Sunday’s Gospel that there is no need for us to be afraid. Our God knows each one of us by name and loves us with perfect love. God is with us as a parish community and will walk with us every step of our journey. Let us walk together with faith, hope and love.

Let’s take a few minutes to listen to Liam Lawton’s latest piece of music. In the quiet of our hearts we trust that we are not alone. Take good care and stay safe. Many thanks for your patience and understanding. We will keep in touch during the week with further updates.

In your great love

Answer me O God

With your love

That never fails

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