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To the children from St Joseph’s Senior School who were due to celebrate their Confirmation today

We are thinking of the boys and girls from St Joseph’s Senior School who were due to celebrate their Confirmation today the 22nd May. It is not easy for them to face the sense of disappointment and loss as we must postpone the celebration due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Their disappointment is shared by their families, their teachers Ms. Cashen and Ms. Mc Dermott, Mr. Fitzgerald & staff in St. Joseph’s. Fr. Declan, Deacon Steve, Karen, Sr. Ann Marie, Sr. Catherine and everyone in the parish are looking forward with great hope to the day we will be able to come together to celebrate this special sacrament with the children and their families.

We are enormously proud of the boys and girls in our 6th classes. They have been a great example to the rest of the pupils in the school, with their hard work, good humour, great heart and kindness. They are a very gifted group of young people who have so much goodness in them. They are a credit to you their parents and I have no doubt that they have a future full of hope ahead of them.

Karen and Ann Marie would like the boys and girls to know how much we enjoyed working with them on the YOU SHALL BE MY WITNESSES programme in the Pastoral Centre. They participated with great enthusiasm and showed so clearly that the light of faith is burning brightly in their lives. We were delighted that you joined the parish community for the morning Mass every Friday, and you gave us great encouragement with your readings, prayers and joyful presence.

We pray for the boys and girls today. May God’s Spirit poured into their hearts at Baptism give them strength and comfort. Together, we keep hope alive, as we ask the Holy Spirit to guide us safely through these difficult days.

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