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At the beginning of this Sunday’s Gospel some Greeks tell the disciples that they would like to see Jesus. We might sometimes wonder what it would have been like to live at the time of Jesus and to actually see him. Would that experience have been enough to make everything crystal clear for us? Would it have removed all doubts and brought us to a place of unwavering faith? Time and time in the Gospels we hear stories of many who saw Jesus face to face but did not understand or accept him.

When the disciples tell Jesus about the Greeks who want to see him he responds by sharing from the depth of his heart. His heart is carrying both distress and acceptance as he draws nearer to his passion and death. Jesus experiences the agony of anxiety in the face of the suffering that lies ahead. His deep relationship with his Father strengthens him in his resolve to accept a path of suffering. He understands and trusts that his suffering and death will lead to new life.

As we listen to the Gospel story, we are invited to see Jesus. We can be assured that Jesus sees us and accompanies us in all the losses and suffering we may experience. We are invited to accompany Jesus and to really enter into his life, death and resurrection. Over these final weeks of Lent, we take time to see Jesus and to grow in understanding and trust of his promise of life and love that is everlasting.

We remember Paddy (Bing) Crosby and Jane Mc Donagh whose funerals took place this week. May they see the face of Jesus and rest forever in the peace of god’s eternal love. As we pray for all who have died recently and those whose anniversaries occur at this time, we also pray for their families and friends who grieve so deeply for them.

Dying you destroyed our death

Rising you restored our Life

Lord Jesus

Come in Glory

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