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The Word Of My Lord

Many of you expressed a deep sense of joy and gratitude as we gathered for Sunday Mass last week. It has been a wonderful encouragement to celebrate Mass together and to be nourished by God’s Word and the Bread of life. Many thanks for your patience and co-operation with the new routines that are now in place as we follow public health guidelines. Our commitment to these regulations is fundamentally a commitment to the health and safety of one another and of our community.

The maximum number that can attend in our three churches is 50. As the obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues to be lifted, it is good to remember that no one should feel obliged to come to Mass on Sunday and everyone has the option to choose a day in the week for morning Mass. The last thing we would want to do is to offend anyone by stopping them from coming into the Church. Unfortunately, however, we have a responsibility to ensure that no more than 50 are in attendance at any one time.

A significant number from the parish and beyond join in the Mass from Holy Spirit on the webcam that has been recently installed. The Vigil Mass at 6.00p.m. on Saturday and the 10.30a.m. Mass on Sunday will be streamed live. You can find this on It is also available on our parish website We are also planning to arrange live streaming from Virgin Mary Church and St. Joseph’s via an app that will enable you to view the celebrations on our website.

Hand sanitisers are now in place and we would ask everyone to sanitise their hands as they come into the Church. The signage that is now in place will help to guide us and to observe social distancing. We have been reminded again this week of the importance of maintaining social distance not only in the Church itself but also as we enter and leave, and on the Church grounds.

Some parishioners will also help as stewards to guide and direct us. We need to take particular care when coming to receive Communion. The Ministers of the Eucharist will wear a mask when distributing Communion. The wearing of masks or face coverings is now strongly recommended for everyone when indoors with a large group. Unfortunately, the toilets in our churches will not be in use for the time being.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Take good care, go gently and safely. A special word of thanks to our wonderful volunteers who have worked so hard cleaning our three churches after every Mass and maintain a safe and welcoming environment. We are deeply grateful for their generosity and commitment. Thanks also to those who helped with stewarding.

Our First Reading this Sunday reminds us that God’s Word is always full of promise and hope. We open our hearts to the power of God’s life and God’s love. As we continue to journey together in a solidarity of prayer and hope we pray that we will nourish the seeds of faith, hope and love in our community.

We remember Fred Mc Evoy and William Meredith whose funerals took place this week.May they rest forever in the peace of God’s love.

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