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St. Joseph's Remembrance Mass

Thanks to all of you who joined us in St. Joseph's Church on Saturday evening for our Annual Mass of Remembrance. Some families asked in advance if it would be possible to have a recording of the Mass. Many thanks to Karen in the parish Office for making this recording available and for all her work in preparation for the Mass. Sincere thanks to Joan and Kay from the Funeral team who created the Remembrance Tree and prepared the Mass. Thanks also to Bridie, our Sacristan for looking after everything in the Church for us. The candles will burn brightly at all our November Masses as we continue to hold our dearly departed loved ones in loving memory.

The Annual Mass of Remembrance for all those whose funerals took place in Holy Spirit and Virgin Mary Churches will take place this coming Saturday 21st in Holy Spirit at 6.00p.m. You can join us on our parish webcam

May they rest forever in the peace of God's love

Note from Karen ~ please excuse my amateur editing in this video, it's the first one I've done.

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