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Prepare the Way

John the Baptist broke the silence. People were longing for years to hear prophetic words of hope. John was that great prophet who did not mince his words but spoke bravely and passionately as he announced that it was time to prepare for the Messiah. Crowds flock to him to listen to him and to receive a baptism of repentance. He points away from himself to Jesus assuring them that Jesus is the Messiah they have been longing for. He has that deep humility to understand his important role in helping people prepare to recognise and receive Jesus into their lives. At this Advent time we hear again the call of John the Baptist to prepare our hearts to welcome the Lord.

John does not hold back from pointing out the greatness of Jesus. His way is a challenge to us to foster the greatness in others. He shows us that when we have a sense of our own worth and value before God, we find freedom to acknowledge and celebrate the gifts of others. As we prepare for Christmas we pray for that gift of humility. We prepare the way for the Lord as we recognise God’s grace at work in our lives and in the lives of others.

It has been a great joy this week to gather again in our three Churches to celebrate Mass. We thank you for your patience in accepting the restricted number of 50 at any one time. It will be particularly difficult to manage the limited number that can attend Mass on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As we always celebrate the twelve days of Christmas up to the Epiphany on the 6th January, you could consider coming to Mass on any one of those days. All our Christmas Vigil Masses and Christmas Day Masses will be live streamed online. We would encourage you to think about joining us online from your home for Christmas. You could light a candle and spend time as a family as we celebrate the Mass together. There will be plenty of opportunities to visit the cribs in our Churches throughout the Christmas season.

We remember in our prayers Jody Maher, David Owens, and Shay Dwane whose funerals took place this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends. May they rest forever in the light and peace of God’s love.

Take good care and mind yourselves. Go safely and gently.

Come Lord Jesus

Come and be born in our hearts

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