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Parish Webcam

We 're delighted to let you know that we can now stream Masses live from the three Churches in the parish.  You can join us by going to our website

You have the option to view Holy Spirit, St.Joseph's or Virgin Mary.  You'll also see the option to view on PC or mobile.  The schedule for each Church is listed.

We're grateful to have this facility particularly at a time when we are obliged to limit the numbers that can attend at any one time.

A sincere word of thanks to John Lyons who has been extremely generous with his time and skills.  John designed our parish website last year and has invested a lot of creativity in developing the site.  It has been a great resource and platform for us since it was launched, and enabled us to keep in touch throughout the Covid crisis.  John has recently worked closely with Church Services TV to ensure that everyone can quickly access the webcam on our website.  We're very grateful to John for his patience, energy and good humour.

Thanks also to Karen O'Neill in the Parish Office for her commitment and dedication to the ongoing management of the website and Facebook page.

Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing the webcam.

Stay safe and take good care.

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