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New Directions – Support for Families of Prisoners

New Directions offers a free, confidential information and support service for Families of People in Prison. It offers a listening ear and emotional support to help families with the challenges they face. New Directions was set up in 2018 by Sr Imelda Wickham, a former Prison Chaplain. Dealing with having a family member in prison brings with it all kinds of challenges for those left behind.  The threat of COVID-19 and consequent suspension of family members’ visits is a very big loss to all family members and their loved ones in prison, particularly children who may struggle to understand why they cannot now visit Mum or Dad. New Directions is acutely aware of how difficult a time this can be for families with a loved one in prison and help is available, through phone, Skype, Zoom, etc., to provide support to family members struggling with these new restrictions, which come on top of the existing challenges of having a family member in prison.  For more information and support contact  087 609 7686 or via our email address familynewd@gmail.comor website

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