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Jesus Remember Me

Many of you have shared the deep sadness you're feeling this Holy Week and how much you are missing the ceremonies and gatherings that have always been at the centre of these sacred days.  We think of the Stations of the Cross through the streets of Ballymun, the celebration of the Passion and veneration of the cross, and our prayerful gathering around the Cross on Good Friday evening.  Although we are apart let's remain together in prayer throughout this day.

As we commemorate the Passion and Death of Jesus, we remember with gratitude the depth of God's love revealed to us in Jesus.  We bring our suffering and the suffering of our world to the foot of the cross.  As we enter into the depth of suffering Jesus experiences in his Passion, we trust that our God is with us in the depth of our suffering.  This is GOOD Friday because we celebrate the power of love that is visible in the Triumph of the Cross. Through the cross and resurrection of Jesus we are brought to freedom and life.

The Celebration of our Lord's Passion will be broadcast on RTE 1 at 3.00p.m.  We can take time today to place a cross or crucifix in a central place in our homes.  We can be still as we ponder the depth of God's love for us.  As we hold the cross, kiss it, or place our head on it, we unite all our suffering with the sufferings of Jesus.  This familiar hymn Behold the Wood of the Cross can help us in our prayer and reflection.

Dying you destroyed our Death

Rising you restored our Life

Lord Jesus come in Glory

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