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I Will Raise You Up

In this Sunday’s Gospel we see Jesus disturbing the peace of the Temple. With great passion his words give way to strong action as he drives traders and money changers away from the Temple. We are left in no doubt where Jesus stands. His actions are not about promoting himself or asserting his power; they are a powerful expression of his refusal to accept what is fundamentally wrong and a challenge to all who undermine the values of God’s Kingdom.

As we continue our journey of Lent, we are invited to renew our commitment to the values of justice and peace that are at the heart of God’s Kingdom. Our God loves us with real passion and want us to nurture what is best within us so that we can build communities where mercy and compassion thrive. This entails a journey of the heart where we bring what is deepest in us to the very heart of God’s love.

John tells us that Jesus did not need any evidence to know what a person had in them. The Lord knows what is in our hearts, our hopes and fears, our strengths and weaknesses. He invites us to trust in his promise of life and love that is everlasting. Jesus raises us up from all that weighs us down so that we can be led by God’s Spirit dwelling within us. As temples of the Holy Spirit, we are called to live in a way that honours our dignity and the dignity of our sisters and brothers. In this way we build up the Kingdom of God with real passion.

We thank God for the passion and commitment of TROCAIRE and other aid agencies in their work for peace and justice. We support them with prayer and financial assistance. We pray for all who are suffering in troubled parts of the world and for all who are working to alleviate their suffering.

We remember Mary Lawrence whose funeral took place this morning. May she rest forever in the peace of God’s eternal love. We pray for all who have died recently and for all who are grieving for them.


You have the message

Of eternal life

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