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The last words a loved one speaks to us before they die carry huge significance for us. We carry those words and hold them in our hearts forever. Whenever we remember them, something of our relationship with our loved one finds life in us. The most simple, ordinary words spoken at such a sacred time occupy a profound place in our lives and can often give us meaning and hope.

On Good Friday we reflected on the last words spoken by Jesus on the cross. On this Feast of the Ascension we hear the last words of the risen Jesus to his disciples as he leaves them to return to his Father in heaven. He ascends to his Father not to abandon humanity but to be our hope. He entrusts his disciples with the mission to keep his life and love alive. Most importantly he reassures them that they will never be alone, that he will be with them always until the end of time. What a gift! These words of reassurance and promise became a powerful reality when the disciples were renewed and strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

During these challenging days we need words of reassurance and hope. The promise of Jesus to his disciples is made also to each one of us. The Lord has not abandoned us. He is with us always calling us to grow deeper into the reality of God’s love and to witness to the power of God’s life and love. Nothing will ever separate us from God’s love. There is no need for us to be afraid. God is with us.

I hope you can take a few minutes to listen to this unique setting of a familiar psalm, BE NOT AFRAID. Musicians and singers joined from a distance to share their faith and hope in God’s promise. They witness to the power of God’s love which draws us together in solidarity even when we are physically apart.

We remember Olivia Nolan and Frank Carney whose funerals took place this week. As we pray for all our loved ones who have died, we entrust them to the light and peace of God’s love.

Be not afraid

I go before you always

Come follow me

I will give you rest

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