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As the weeks of isolation continue, we can find the days more and more challenging.  It's not one bit easy to be living in a way that goes against the grain in so many ways.  It's heartbreaking to have family members and friends in hospital when we cannot visit them.  It is deeply distressing to face the loss of loved ones at a time that we cannot grieve or attend funerals in a way that has always been part and parcel of our lives.  Our hearts go out to those of you who have lost loved ones in your family.  You are very much in our hearts of prayer and love.  We pray that those who have died will rest forever in the peace of God's love.

In the midst of the great burden of the Coronavirus crisis we continue our Easter journey of hope.  In this Sunday's Gospel two of the disciples of Jesus are on a journey trying to make sense of all that is happening.  Their hearts and hopes are crushed.  Jesus finds them on the road.  He meets them in the darkness of their confusion.  Jesus brings light to their darkness and hope to their despair.  Their crushed hearts burn within them as they experience the promise of life and love that is everlasting.   It is in the breaking of the bread at table that their eyes are opened and they recognise Jesus.

Although we cannot gather to celebrate Mass together at the moment, we continue to celebrate the great gift of the Eucharist with Mass on television and webcam.  This Spiritual Communion is profound.  Our eyes and hearts are opened.  We  recognise Jesus as the one who brings us real hope in his life and love.  Jesus finds us on our journey.  He stays with us in all our struggles and hopes.  He guides us as a shepherd guides his flock, leading us safely where we are nourished and strengthened.  Let's join in the prayer of this setting of Psalm 23: Shepherd me O God beyond my doubts, beyond my fears from death into life.

We remember Sheila Moore and Ann Murphy whose funerals took place in the parish this week, and Teresa Cadwell who died this week.  We entrust them to God's loving care and pray for all who grieve so deeply for them.

Lord Jesus, gentle Shepherd.

You know each one of us by our name.

You love us with perfect love.

Walk with us on our journey

Stay with us

Bring us light, hope and peace

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