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Our parents taught us at an early age how to bless ourselves in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. In this simple but profound gesture of faith we prayerfully acknowledge our God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With all the changes that have come over the years it is always wonderful to see people bless themselves as they pass a Church or stopping to bless themselves as a funeral cortege passes. Every time we bless ourselves, we open our hearts to the mystery of God’s life within us and among us.

On this feast of the Holy Trinity we celebrate our faith in our God of perfect love. Andrei Rublev’s Icon of the Holy Trinity portrays the powerful communion of love between the Father, Son and Spirit. The Icon shows the communion of life and love that is at the very heart of God. Look and see that there is room for you at the table. We are all drawn into a communion of life and love in God. God took on our human nature in Jesus and invites us to share in his life. God’s Spirit poured into our hearts at baptism unites us as sisters and brothers and enables us to live with faith, hope and love. What a gift! Such grace and mystery!

Over the last few months of the Covid 19 Pandemic we have experienced the power of community support and solidarity. In our shared vulnerability and hopes we have witnessed heroic acts of love and service. Even in our isolation there has been a real communion of life and love. This experience can help us to grow deeper into the great mystery of the Holy Trinity and to open our hearts to the reality of our God of faithful love.

As we bless ourselves today, we join in this great hymn of praise and thank God for our parents and for all who have helped us grow in faith. We pray before the Icon of the Holy Trinity and take our place at the table where we experience real communion of life and love. May we continue to build community and live in unity and peace.

In the name of the Father

And of the Son

And of the Holy Spirit

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