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Hearts of Love and Grief

There is a lot of heartbreak and sadness among us at the moment. This week we faced the bleak reality that over 3000 people have died from COVID-19 in Ireland. Every person who died has left family, friends and communities grieving for them. Many families in our own parish community have lost loved ones through this devastating virus. Others have died in different circumstances. Grieving families have gone through the distress and trauma of funerals with the added burden of the current restrictions. They have loved deeply and now they grieve deeply for those they have loved and lost.

The tragic and violent death of Josh Dunne, a much loved and respected teenager from our parish shocks us to the very core of our being. No words can begin to express the depth of our sadness as our hearts go out to his heartbroken family and friends. In the outpouring of grief there has also been an outpouring of heartfelt love.

Where can we find hope? How do we find our way through these distressing days?

Many who are grieving talk about the strength they receive from the love and support of family and friends. Our grieving hearts that are broken in some ways are held together by the loving hearts of those we’ve lost and the loving hearts of those who care for us.

As we struggle to find words God’s Word finds us. We hear in the Gospel that Jesus’ teaching made a deep impression on people because he taught with authority. This authority of Jesus was not about control or power. It was about real service. People experienced integrity and sincerity in the teaching of Jesus because his words were always matched by actions. He didn’t just talk about healing and compassion he brought real freedom to people’s lives through his healing, forgiveness and mercy. As we find hope in the hearts of those who love us, we experience deep hope in the heart of our God who knows each one of us by name and who promises to lead us safely out of any darkness or distress that weighs us down.

We remember Josh Dunne, Martin Hyland, Joan Smyth & her mother Eileen Garvey, Gerry Jones, Marie Hanlon, Betty O’ Reilly and Sandra Maguire. May they rest in the peace of God’s eternal love. We pray for all who are grieving so deeply for them.

Do not be Afraid

I am with You

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