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Happy Easter


We’re all very familiar with visits to graveyards where we go to honour the memory of our loved ones who have died. We have no difficulty imagining the women on their journey to the tomb of Jesus on Easter morning. They make their way with hearts of love, broken with grief. They are surely distressed as they try to take in the horror of the violent death of Jesus on the Cross and wonder how they will roll back the heavy stone from the tomb.

The reality that awaits them changes their lives forever. Their sadness turns to joy as they hear:

You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified: he has risen, he is not here.

Jesus is risen!!! The resurrection of Jesus changes our lives forever and brings hope to humanity. In his dying Jesus destroys death forever. In his rising Jesus restores life bringing light to every corner of darkness and hope to every experience of despair. The Risen Jesus brings us the reality of life and love in God that is everlasting. This gift of everlasting life begins now. It is a gift that changes not only the way we remember those who have died but most importantly how we cherish each other now. This is the day when we recognise each other as sisters and brothers united in our baptism and in our humanity. This is the day when we hold our heads high with joy and hope. Together we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and renew our commitment to keep the love of Jesus alive in our community and in our world. As an Easter People we are witnesses to the Risen Lord. Let us bring light wherever there is darkness and hope to those who are struggling.

The Parish Team and Pastoral Council wish you a very Happy Easter. May you be blessed with peace, hope and comfort. Many thanks for your patience, understanding and ongoing support during these challenging times. We keep hope alive as we journey together in a solidarity of prayer, faith, hope and love.

The Lord is truly Risen


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