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The Parish Team and  Pastoral Council here in St. Pappin's want you to know this Easter morning that you are very much in our thoughts and prayers.  We know that it has been hard going on you all through these weeks of isolation.  The anxiety we carry with the Coranavirus crisis is a heavy burden.  The heartbreak of serious illness, death and grief, as you know has touched our community. In solidarity with you and with our sisters and brothers throughout the world we would like to share our Easter video of hope and peace.

Can you imagine what it was like for the women heading to the tomb of Jesus.  Heartbroken, they wanted to anoint his broken body.  They wonder how they will roll away the stone from the tomb, only to discover that it has already been rolled back.  They discover that Jesus is risen.  Death has been destroyed and life has been restored.  The greeting of the risen Jesus is one of peace.

It's hard to find words when we're feeling lost and trying to find our way.  The Good News is that God's word finds us this morning.  His greeting to us is PEACE BE WITH YOU. God's promise to us is that the heavy stone of worry and grief will be rolled back.  God's life and love is stronger than death itself.  We embrace the hope of this Easter Day trusting deeply that God's life and love will strengthen us and guide us through these difficult weeks.  We are not alone.  We journey together in partnership with our God and in partnership with each other.

Please take a few minutes with the video message.  Join in the prayer and the song.  On this Easter morning we are together in a solidarity of prayer and hope.  

The Lord is truly Risen  Alleluia, Allleluia


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