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Darkness into Light

Like so many events over the last few months the annual DARKNESS INTO LIGHT walk on behalf of Pieta House could not go ahead. This did not stop communities and neighbourhoods standing together in a spirit of solidarity and hope. I got a note in the door during the week suggesting that everyone in our neighbourhood would come to their gate at sunrise on the morning the walk was due to take place. We were asked to hold a lighted candle as a symbol of our shared hope and commitment to support each other, particularly those who feel burdened or lost in a darkness that overwhelms them. Pieta House reaches out in powerful ways to support those who are struggling to hold on to meaning and hope. They accompany so many with compassion and understanding from the darkness of despair to the light of new hope.

Our Easter journey brings us from darkness into light. When Jesus died, he destroyed death forever. In rising from the dead Jesus restores life and hope. Jesus brings us a very real promise that no darkness can every destroy us. The power of God’s life and God’s love leads us out of darkness into God’s wonderful light. In this time of crisis, we have a deep longing for hope. We are trying to find our way out of the darkness of the Coronavirus, to restore life and hope within us and around us.

The Gospel this Sunday is familiar to us as we often hear it at funerals. Jesus is aware of his disciples’ distress and anxiety. He wants to assure them that there is a way through the darkness to light and that death will never have the last word. The Gospel proclaims that Jesus is our way, our truth and our life. As we continue to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we follow him as our way from darkness into light. As we listen to this joyful song SHINE JESUS SHINE we remain together in a solidarity of prayer and hope. We remember Kathleen Byrne whose funeral took place in the parish this morning. We entrust Kathleen to God’s light and pray that her family will know God’s comfort and peace.

Jesus Light of the world

Shine upon us

Set us free

By the truth you now bring us

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1 Comment

May 09, 2020

Thank you St. Pappin's Parish for your wonderful post on Darkness into Light. Pieta House does amazing work. This is a subject close to my heart. RIP 2001. My dearest nephew, Jason, aged 19.

Love Aunty Martina xxxx

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