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Christmas Wishes

We have just come through another year having experienced real vulnerability as individuals and as a community. We have shared profound grief, uncertainty and fear. At Christmas we welcome Christ who shares in our fragile humanity. Emmanuel. God is with us; so close that he takes on our human nature, not in power and glory, but as a fragile, vulnerable child.

Jesus born among us makes visible the dignity of our humanity. In 2021 our dignity has been powerfully affirmed in acts of immense kindness and compassion, in brave and generous lives of service.

Let us breathe in the hope and peace of Christmas, the hope of our God who is not distant. Our God who makes his home with us assuring us that there is no need for us to be afraid. We will never be alone. God is with us every step of our journey.

St. Pappin’s Parish Team and Pastoral Council wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas. May you be blessed with good health, love and a deep spirit of hope for the New Year. Many thanks for your support and patience throughout the year. Enjoy this special time together as family and friends.

Take good care, go safely and gently.

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