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Christ our Hope

It’s been a very special week for us in the parish as we have once again been able to gather to celebrate Mass in our three Churches. We are experiencing real joy and hope in being together after so many months of separation. You have all been so brave and resilient through these challenging times. We keep hope alive as we continue to make progress and give thanks for the brighter days that we can now enjoy.

We celebrate the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord this weekend. As Jesus returns to his Father he assures his disciples that he is not abandoning them. They are not alone. The Risen Lord has brought new life and hope to their hearts that will grow stronger with the strength of the Holy Spirit. The mission of Jesus will continue to unfold in their lives of service. We are called to share in this mission and to witness to the life and love of Jesus. The Holy Spirit enables us to keep the life and love of Jesus alive as we do our best each day to reach out to one another with kindness and compassion.

We thank God for the extraordinary service and ministry of Sr. Milan to the people of Ballymun over many decades. Her energy, vision and dedication has touched the hearts of so many who hold her dearly in hearts of love, affection and gratitude. We wish Milan every blessing as she adapts to a new environment where she will receive all the care she needs. We remember Sr. Catherine and all the Infant Jesus Sisters at this time. May they be blessed with good health, peace and happiness.

Public health guidelines have helped us to reopen our Churches for public worship in a safe way. We are limited to a maximum attendance of 50 in our three churches. We continue to wear face coverings, sanitise our hands and maintain social distance. We do this as a mark of respect for each other. Keeping each other safe is a practical expression of the love the Gospel invites us to share.

As the obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues to be lifted, it is good to remember that no one should feel obliged to come to Mass on Sunday and everyone has the option to choose a day in the week for morning Mass. The signage in the Churches will help us space out appropriately and some parishioners will support and guide us as we are entering and leaving the Church.

We will continue to stream all our Masses online

Feel free to ring any of the parish offices if you have any queries. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We remember Catherine Dobbyn whose funeral takes place this weekend. May she rest forever in the peace of God’s eternal love. May God comfort her family and be close to all who are grieving at this time. Take good care, go safely and gently.



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