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Back to School

It's so encouraging to see our schools open after the long months of empty classrooms.  It's a great step forward for our children and young people.  The school principals have worked very hard over the last few months to ensure that new procedures and arrangements are now in place to make the schools safe for everyone.  Along with the excitement of the new school year, there is an understandable anxiety as we continue to face the challenges of Covid 19.  This anxiety is felt deeply by parents and shared by everyone in our school communities.  We are in this together and we can continue to support each other.  Every time we commit ourselves to follow public health guidelines we help each other to stay safe and healthy.  Our solidarity and shared commitment will enhance the safety of our children as they begin a new school year.

We wish all the children and young people the very best for the year ahead.  Every good wish and blessing to their parents, teachers and to everyone working in our schools.

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